Dear, Dear Nick and Caitlin,

There are people on this planet that I believe are “Earth Angels”, and Friday night two of them, both of you, came to help me just as angels do!

I wish you could know that what you did for me in every way – not only made sure I was warm and comfortable, but inspired me so deeply with your loving, caring ways. I will never forget it. Not ever. You are an amazing couple, work so hard, work together and are the finest neighbors anyone could ever hope to have.

I don’t have enough words to truly tell you how grateful I am, and beyond that how you filled my heart with the love you have me along with your wonderful skills. You are dear hearts, two people beautiful in every way that humans can be beautiful. I am honored, thankful and grateful that you are my friends and neighbors. God Bless You Both, you really are his “Earth Angels”, and I love you both dearly!

With my heart’s love and my deepest thanks, always and ever, May. Again – and always – thank you with all my heart – I love you both!